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For Couples Needing 
Work and Life Balance

For Couples Needing  Work and Life Balance

Are you searching for a balance between the demands of work and the richness of your personal life?


Do you yearn for deeper intimacy and more quality time with your partner? You're not alone. Our customer face these very waters, searching for harmony in the push and pull of their relationship.


Affirmare Candle Co. sees you.


We understand the yearning for connection amid life's whirlwind.


Why not let our candles light the way?


Imagine transforming everyday moments into sanctuaries of love and understanding. With each candle lit, you're not just illuminating a room; you're igniting a deeper bond, paving the way for heartfelt conversations and cherished moments. 


Isn't it time to infuse your daily rituals with intention and warmth? Allow Affirmare Candle Co. to be your ally in crafting those intentional moments of love and intimacy. 

Couples Seeking
Mindful Beginnings

Couples Seeking Mindful Beginnings

Are you and your partner struggling to balance work, health, and your relationship?

Often, the morning rush cuts short your quiet moments together, leaving you feeling disconnected as you dive into your busy days.


Throughout the day, you aim to stay productive and stick to health goals, like eating well and taking breaks to move. But, work stress and fatigue can make this hard.


Affirmare Candle Co. gets these challenges and offers products to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and strengthen emotional connections.

Imagine using our candles and affirmation cards in your daily routines to boost mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve your relationship.


Our eco-friendly, non-toxic candles and personalized affirmation cards are the perfect tools to help create a calm, health-conscious space that supports you and your partner's holistic well-being journey.

For Couples Feeling

For Couples Feeling Disconnected

Are you and your partner feeling more disconnected than ever, struggling to find the intimacy and connection you once had?


We know this feeling all too well. Your mornings may be filled with silence, a hurried breakfast eaten separately, and the cold distance as you leave for work without a word.

Your days pass with minimal contact, each finding comfort in their coworkers rather than each other, and your evenings are consumed by the flickering glow of the TV rather than meaningful conversation.


But everything can change when you discovered the power of Affirmare Candle Co. Affirmare candles and affirmation cards can  become your daily ritual, guiding your relationship from a place of disconnection and doubt to one of love and resilience.


The intentional act of lighting a candle and reflecting on a specific affirmation can help you focus on your love and commitment, nurturing your relationship back to life.

Couples Wanting 
Deeper Love & Intimacy

Couples Wanting  Deeper Love & Intimacy

Are you and your partner in search of ways to deepen your bond and enhance your intimacy, despite already placing a high priority on your relationship?


Perhaps you're a couple who values quality time together, consistently fostering a strong connection through regular date nights, meaningful conversations, and engaging in activities that keep the spark alive in your relationship.


Yet, you believe in the potential for growth and are on a continuous quest to strengthen your love and intimacy further.


For couples committed to enriching their relationship but looking to elevate their intimacy and connection, Affirmare Candle Co. presents an ideal solution. Our carefully crafted candle-lit experiences, paired with the use of affirmations, offer a powerful means to deepen communication and reinforce your bond.

Affirmare Candle Co. is dedicated to helping couples maintain their relationship at its peak. 

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Introducing Our Candlelit Experiences

Affirmare Candle Company focused on Affirming love with every flame

Affirmare Candle Co.
Our Story

Affirmare Candle Co., founded by the dynamic duo Thaddeus and Sharah McNeal, is on a mission to enhance couples' relationships, combat high divorce rates, and promote intentional love through their unique, handcrafted candles. 


Their story began with a powerful concept: creating a product that not only elevates the atmosphere of any space but also strengthens the connection between couples who use it. Thaddeus and Sharah, drawing from their personal journey and overcoming relationship challenges, crafted candles designed to ignite deeper connections.


Their goal is to offer more than just a delightful fragrance; they aim to provide couples with a tool to reignite, communicate, and celebrate their love in meaningful ways.


Recognizing the challenges posed by busy schedules, family obligations, and health issues, Affirmare Candle Co. developed candles that double as instruments for enriched connection and dialogue.


Each of their vegan, non-toxic candles comes with an affirmation card, fostering positive conversations and emotional intimacy. 


In essence, Affirmare Candle Co. is dedicated to creating candle-lit moments that encourage deliberate, loving interactions, keeping relationships vibrant and strong.

CEO & Founders Taddeus & Sharah McNeal photoed with their Connection & Compassion bundle

"Why not allow each candle to serve as a symbol of love and intimacy in your relationship?"

Why not let the soft glow remind you of the strength and beauty of your connection?

With every candle you light, you're not just dispelling the darkness—you're affirming your love, your bond, and your commitment to each other. 


Join us, and together, let's light up the world with love, one candle at a time.

Our Mission & Vision

Why seek deeper connections, or why indulge in the glow of candlelight with someone you love?


It's because, at the core of every heart, there's a yearning for connection, love, and health that transcends the ordinary. We're on a mission to empower you and your partner to explore these depths, to find in each shared affirmation and candle-lit moment a step closer to the extraordinary.


Imagine, for a moment, a world where every relationship basks in the warmth of understanding and love, where every couple knows the joy of falling in love over and over again.


Isn't that a world worth striving for?


At Affirmare Candle Company, our vision is illuminated by a simple, yet deeply meaningful practice: the act of lighting a candle together over kind, intentional words. We believe this act holds the power to bridge emotional disconnection and clears away the shadows of misunderstanding, fostering a warmer, more connected relationship with your partner.

What if, one candle at a time, we could illuminate the path to healthier, more loving, and lasting relationships?


This isn't just our dream—it's our pledge to you.

CEO & Founders Taddeus & Sharah McNeal photoed their Affirmare candle datenight

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